Not all physical therapy is created equal! What is O.M.P.T.? Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy is a certification requiring over two years of additional training beyond entry level physical therapy education. It is an advanced and comprehensive style of examination and treatment procedures that offers patients the best solutions to their problems. The goal is to treat and correct the source of the problem rather than simply focusing on masking symptoms and pain, which is not a long term functional solution. Click to view photos.



Spinal Manipulation

There are many health care providers who are capable of stretching, manipulating, or adjusting the spine. At 5 Star PT Specialists, we do not approach this treatment technique casually and take extra caution to provide the safest and most effective spinal manipulations possible. Our manipulations are performed with precision and accuracy to target problematic areas in the spinal joints to improve mobility and restore function. Utilizing O.M.P.T. treatment techniques, our patients have had significant improvements with range of motion, reduction in pain, and have not sustained injuries or side effects that are consistent with more aggressive manipulative procedures. 



Exercise Prescription

When managing injuries or chronic conditions it is important to understand the minutia of exercise interventions. Physical therapists and other health care providers instruct patients in exercise interventions routinely. However, mistakes can be made with poor exercise selection and lack of supervision to correct errors with performance. At 5 Star PT Specialists we rely on comprehensive examination to determine the appropriate exercise dosing and precise movement patterns that will lead to functional recovery.


Post-Surgical Management

We assist in the recovery of many orthopedic surgeries including but not limited to joint replacements, spinal surgery, various arthroscopic knee and shoulder procedures, rotator cuff repair, management of post-operative fractures, acl reconstructions, and many others. It is critical to conservatively and appropriately manage post-operative conditions to facilitate optimal recovery and restoration of function. We will work with your surgeon's post operative protocols as needed to ensure optimal healing and protection of surgically repaired structures.  


Dry needling is a procedure that involves the insertion of a thin filament needle into soft tissue, muscle, or peripheral nerves to promote a healing effect that leads to decreased pain and improved tissue function. This procedure is not acupuncture, although the needles are similar.  Dry needling is based on known neuroanatomy and the physiologic effect of therapeutic lesions that are created when thin filament needles are inserted into our body's tissue. This is a great tool to assist in effectively treating many conditions including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, radicular pain from the neck or low back, muscular strains, and trigger points. Dry needling is a great option for patients who have not had successful physical therapy in the past or have had increased pain with prescribed exercise and manual therapy. Click to view photos.


IASTM is a manual therapy technique that involves the use of precision crafted stainless steel instruments specifically designed to contour areas of our body to mobilize muscle and soft tissue layers. This has been shown to be effective in facilitating healing and reducing pain for various soft tissue injuries and conditions. Click to view photos.


There are several and often multiple different causes of dizziness and we can treat many of them in physical therapy. One cause of dizziness that is very treatable is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This will usually cause a room spinning sensation and be quite severe. There are a few maneuvers that we can perform on patients that will usually eliminate these symptoms in just 1 or 2 sessions. Other conditions can cause dysfunctions in our balancing system in the body and there are specific treatments to address this, which we can provide.


Fall Prevention

Falls are a very serious problem, especially in our older adult population. Fall prevention education and treatment is necessary to reduce the risk for traumatic falls that can often cause serious injury or death. We provide education on fall prevention, gait and balance exercise to reduce fall risk, and functional strengthening exercises to improve independence at home and in the community.


Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is an option to assist with pain reduction, management of post surgical swelling, and facilitation of muscle contraction.


Therapeutic Ultrasound


Ultrasound is used for a variety of different applications in physical therapy for pain reduction. It can be used to improve circulation and heat up layers of muscle and soft tissue that are either superficial or deeper in the body. Ultrasound can also assist with reduction of local tissue swelling.


Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy is a brief and intermittent occlusion of blood flow using a tourniquet while exercising. Exercising with occlusion of blood flow allows for much lighter resistance during a particular exercise with significant strength gains that are typically the result of much higher intensity activity. This can be used in cases where challenging an arm or a leg with external resistance or load is either painful or not allowed due to post surgical limitations. We utilize a FDA approved medical device (Delfi personalized tourniquet system) to customize the amount of tourniquet pressure to each patient. The results of BFR therapy include strength gains, increased muscle size, increased release of growth hormone for healing, and pain relief. Click to view photos.